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IPATS | Welcome to Institute of Professional and Technical Studies.

Contact For More Information About 200+ Diploma
Whatsapp For Overseas Students No:
00923O3553O865, 0321 96O6785
Call For Pakistani Students No: +923O3553O865, 0321 96O6785

Kuwait MOFA + Embassy Attested Diploma Saudi Engineering Council
SEC is Accepted 1 & 2 also 3 years DAE Years Diploma Ministry of
Foreign Affair Attested Diploma
Online Registered Diploma Govt Attested Diploma Accept For
Iqama Renew For Overseas Employee’s.
Contact For More Information About 200+ Diploma
Whatsapp For Overseas Students No: +923O3553O865, 0321
گورنمنٹ سےمنظورشدہ اورفارن آفس، فارن ایمبسی سے قابل تصدیق ڈپلومہ حاصلکریں
Now Get 1 year , 2 year , 3 year
Civil Engineering Diploma, Mechanical Engineering Diploma,
Chemical Engineering Diploma, HSE Engineering Diploma,
Electrical Engineering Diploma, Diploma In Agriculture
Science, Executive Manager In Business Administration(E.MBA),
Executive Manager in Environment, Executive Manager in Hotel
Industry (EMHI), Executive Manager in Hotel Management & Food
industry, Executive Manager in Human Resource (EMHR),
Executive Manager in Import & Export Management, Executive
Manager in IT management, Executive Manager in Marketing &
Finance, Executive Manager In Office Administration and
Management (EMOA), Executive Manager in Project Management
(EMPM), Executive Manager in Project Planning & Management,
Executive Manager in Public Administration(E.MPA), Executive
Manager in Regional Development Studies, Executive Manager in
Strategic Management, Health and Beauty Management (DHBM),
Women’s Health Practitioner (DWHP), Competency Based
Management Development, Computer Networking, Computerized
Accounting System, Corporate Finance, Disaster Management,
Dress Making and Fashion Design, Education Planning and
Management (EPM), Environmental Management, Financial
Management, Geographic information system (GIS), Human
Resource Management (HRM), Information Technology (DIT),
Islamic Banking and Finance, Journalism and Media Management,
Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management Information
System (MIS), Mass Communication and Media Management,
Material Management, Modern Construction Management, Office
Administration and Management, Oil and Gas Technology,
Petroleum Engineering, Production and Operation Management,
Project Management, Project Planning and Control, Project
Procurement Management, Project Risk Management, Public
Administration, Safety and Security Management, Safety
Management, Sales and Marketing Management, School Management,
Software Engineering, Civil Engineering / Surveying, Taxation
Management, Teaching Administration, IT & Telecommunication,
Total Quality Management (TQM), University Management, Web
Design & Development.
Punjab Government approved Diploma in any trade through short
track study.
which can be attested from Ministry of foreign affairs and UAE, OMAN, BAHRAIN, QATAR embassy a copy of recently issued
diploma which is attested from foreign affair office and UAE and oman embassy is attached below
for Details call, whatsapp or IMO: +92 3O3 553O865, +92 321 96O6785
ایسے پاکستانی جن کے پاس کسی بھی فیلڈ کا تجربہ ہے لیکن ڈپلومہ, سر ٹیفیکیٹ نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے اقامہ رنیو نہیں ہو رہی ابھی
ہم سےرابطہ کریں اور گورنمنٹ سے منظور شدہ 1سالہ 2سالہ ڈپلومہ حاصل کریں وہ بھی 1ماہ کی قلیل مدت میں۔
اب بیرون ملک جانے کے خواہشمند حضرات اور وہ پاکستانی جو بیرون ملک مقیم ہیں اور تجربہ ہونے کے باوجود ڈپلومہ اور سند نہ
ہونے کی وجہ سے اپنے متعلقہ شعبے میں ترقی نہیں کر پاتے ان کے لیئے انتہائی قلیل مدت میں متعلقہ تجربے کی بنیاد پر حکومت
پاکستان اور وزارت داخلہ سے 1۔2۔سالہ تصدیق شدہ ڈپلومہ حاصل کرنے کا سنہری موقع۔ اب آپ اپنی متعلقہ فیلڈ میں ہی کام کریں
اور اپنے ہنر مند ہونے کی بنیاد پر اپنی آمدنی میں اضافہ کریں تاکہ ملک و قوم کی خوشحالی ممکن ہو ۔
کورسز کی تفصیل درج ذیل ہے

1-Civil Engineering Diploma 2-Electrical Engineering Diploma

3-Mechanical Engineering Diploma 4-Electronics Engineering
Diploma 5- Software Engineering Diploma 7- IT Engineering
Diploma 8- Automobile Engineering Diploma 9. Civil Diploma
10.Electrical Diploma 11.Mechanical Diploma 12.Telecom Diploma
13.Civil Technician Diploma 14. Electrical Technician Diploma
15.Mechanical Technician Diploma 16.Electronics Technician
Diploma 17. Telecommunications Technician Diploma 18.Telecom
Technician Diploma 19.Building Technician Diploma 20.Surveyor
Diploma 21.Civil Surveyor Diploma 22.Land Surveyor Diploma
23.Quantity Surveyor Diploma 24.Civil Lab Technicians Diploma
25.Metrial testing Diploma 26.QC,QA Diploma 27.Quality Control
Diploma 28.AutoCAD Diploma 29.Civil Draftsman Diploma
30.Primavera Diploma 31.Plumbing Diploma 32.Electrician
Diploma 33.Foreman Diploma 34.Civil Foreman Diploma 35.
Electrical Foreman Diploma 36.Civil Supervisor Diploma
37.Manager Diploma 38.Techncian Diploma 39.BMS Building
Management System Diploma 39. Auto mechanic Diploma 40.Auto
Electrician Diploma 41.EFI Car Electrician Diploma 42.Auto
Diploma 43.Hotel Management Diploma 44.Hotel Management
Diploma 45. Project Management Diploma 46.Event Management
Diploma 47.HR Management Diploma 48.Buisness Management
Diploma 49.Quality Management Diploma 50.Electrician Diploma
51.Building Electrician Diploma 52.Industrial Electrician
Diploma 53.General Electrical Diploma 54.Plumber Diploma
55.QMS Quality Management System Diploma 56.Safety Officer
Diploma 57 HSE Health and Safety Diploma 58.IOSH UK Diploma
59.OSHA USA Diploma 60.Fire Safety Diploma 61.Food Safety
Diploma 62.First Aid Diploma 63.Fireman Diploma 64.Fire Alarm
Diploma 65.Chef and Cook Diploma 66.Professional Chef Cook
Diploma 67.Fast Food Diploma 68.Food Management Diploma
69.Security Guard Diploma 70.Security Officer Diploma 71.CCTV
Operator Diploma 72.Networking Technicians Diploma
73.Networking Diploma 74 Computer Technicians Diploma 75.IT
Technicians Diploma 76.Computer Diploma 77.Computer Hardware
Diploma 78.Accounting and Finance Diploma 79.AC Technicians
Diploma 80.HVAC Technicians Diploma 81.RAC Technicians Diploma
82.HVAC.R Diploma 83.Computer Operator Diploma 84.Diploma of
Engineering 85.Welding Diploma 86.Electrical ARC Welding
87.GAS Welding 88.Carpenter Diploma 89. Mason Diploma 90.Steel
Fixer Diploma 91.Electrician Diploma 92.Mechanic Diploma
93.Travel Agent Diploma 94.Air Ticketing Diploma 95.Mobile
Repairing Diploma 96.Lab Top Repairing Diploma 96.Computer
Hardware Diploma 97. Technicians Diploma 98.Computer
Technicians Diploma 99.Building Technicians 100.Accounting
Diploma 101.Porfessional Diploma 102.Attested Diploma
103.Online Diploma 104.Diploma Courses 105.Office Management
Diploma 106. Safety officer 107. IOSH 108 Nebosh 109. Osha
110. Fire Safety 111. Food Safety 112.Management Diploma More
200+ Diplom’s Safety 111. Food Safety 112.Management Diploma
More 200+ Diplom’s ور اس کے علاوہ تمام شعبہ جات کے پروفیشنل ڈپلومے ۔۔
حکومت پاکستان اور وزارت داخلہ کے تصدیق شدہ یہ ڈپلومے سعودی عرب، متحدہ عرب امارات، کویت، بحرین، مسقط، عمان اور دیگر
ممالک میں ملازمت اور ترقی کے لیے کارآمد تسلیم کیے جاتے ہیں
مزید معلومات حاصل کرنے کے لیے دیئے گئے نمبرز پر رابطہ کریں ۔

Help Line +92 3O3 553O865, 0321 96O6785
Whatapp +92 3O3 553O865, 0321 96O6785
Contact For Other 200+ Diploma Courses

Address: Khanna Pul، KRL Rd, Babar Colony, Rawalpindi, Punjab 44000


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